• 24 hour care
  • Monthly in-home doctor’s/nurse visit
  • Services from CLSC Lac St-Louis
  • Distribution of medication (When away for meals with families, it is family member’s responsibility to distribute meds.)
  • Assisted living for mobile seniors (Incontinence no problem-family to supply necessary incontinence products)
  • Assistance with daily hygiene – ADL
  • Trained staff in CPR, 1st Aid, PDSB (Bathing schedules: Full and sponge)
  • Respite care-short and long term (based on availability) sitter for the day is also available


  • Daily housekeeping and laundry (linen supplied).
  • Parties for special occasions.
  • Tax free credit available, free assistance to fill out form
  • Transport services available (Extra)
  • Active code of conduct to follow
  • Residence are responsible for providing own personal insurance
  • Ethical rules and conduct for employees to follow
  • Mobility and transfer aid
  • Complaint management procedure

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