About Us

Les Residence Persaud is a family oriented seniors home situated on a quiet and peaceful street where seniors live together reminiscing the good old days through conversation, music and laughter

Our mission is to assure the comfort, safety and well being of each and every senior residing at Les Residence Persaud, creating a warm, loving, and inviting family atmosphere.  Our well-trained staff encourages independence, allowing seniors to help themselves whenever possible.  Thus, ensuring the best quality of life.

Cindy Persaud  RN

Residents are semi-autonomous, with limited loss of mobility and cognitive difficulties. E.g Alzheimers patients.

We Aids such as canes and walkers are permitted to help seniors with stability, in turn giving them a greater sense of security and safety.

We will help find the best possible solution so that the senior will continue to live their golden years safely and stress free, enjoying the best quality of life. Should a senior develop the need for further care than we are able to provide, families will be contacted in writing so that necessary arrangements can be made.

We at Les Residence Persaud work together with our seniors and their families to create the loving home.

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